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Your website needs a Privacy Policy and here's why

 Is a privacy policy really necessary?

Yes. Your website needs a Privacy Policy and here's why.

Privacy laws around the world dictate that if you collect personal information from your website visitors, then you need to have a Privacy Policy posted to your site. Many third party services used to enhance website performance also require you to have a Privacy Policy.

Most web developers and businesses tend to neglect this. We urge you to add a Privacy Policy page. This is easy to do and will quickly boost your search rank as well. Google Search AI sees that your website is more trustworthy if it has a published privacy policy. Being seen as trustworthy is very good for page rank. 

Let's look at what exactly a Privacy Policy does and if you put yourself in the shoes of a customer, it will be very clear why it is prudent and wise to have a Privacy Policy.

A Privacy Policy tells your customers about these things:

  • what type of data you collect
  • what you are doing with that data
  • how you collect that data (e.g. via website forms, cookies, third party agents etc.)
  • how long you store the data
  • who has access to the data
  • if there is an option for customers to opt out if they do not agree with the policy
  • any security measures taken to safeguard the data

Facebook requires a Privacy Policy if you are using any Facebook app or mobile app with Facebook functionality. You could be using Needls, HubSpot, HootSuite to schedule Facebook posts and advertise on Facebook. You could be using Facebook logins for online bookings. More information about the Privacy Policy required by Facebook can be found here.

That is a lot of information flying around cyberspace. Even if you are not particularly paranoid, one can see why it is good practice to take on clear measures to safeguard information. This has the advantage of showing your customers that you are a responsible entity and are serious about doing your business with respect and professionalism. As a business, these are solid extra brownie points in your favour.

Privacy Policy - Vermilion Pinstripes - web designer Port Macquarie

So how do you get hold of this elusive Privacy Policy?

It is actually not as intimidating as it sounds. You can buy a privacy policy template on-line and simply add your own business details. Make sure the template you buy conforms with the legislation in your state or territory. Add a privacy policy link to it in your footer and sitemap and you’re done. For more detailed information about what you can include in your Privacy Policy for businesses in Australia, check out this site.

At Vermilion Pinstripes, we add a generic Privacy Policy for all the websites we design for our clients. We do it Free of Charge because that's how important we think it is to protect you and your customers. You wouldn't sell a car that doesn't have seatbelts, so we wouldn't manage your website without putting in a Privacy Policy. We're not legal experts so anyone who needs a more stringent privacy policy that works for their industry should consult a lawyer.

Talk to us if you are concerned about your Privacy Policy. Let us help you enjoy your happy business and leave the worrisome details in our hands.

Want an example of a generic Privacy Policy sent to you so you can use it on your website? Download here. Just remember to seek legal expertise when designing a policy that suits your industry and organisation.

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