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About us.

"Vermilion Pinstripes is the creator of growth"

Our purpose is to create Happy Businesses. Our small business and B2B clients gain business confidence, sell without selling and accelerate their sales leveraging strong connections with their customers.

Vermilion Pinstripes is a full service sales marketing and communications agency based in Port Macquarie and Melbourne, Australia and in Singapore. We guide our clients on a simple, clear and structured purpose-driven sales, marketing and communications plan that work for their business.

As partners and agents for Hubspot and Kounta point of sales software, it's amazing how we have a team who use maths, science, creativity and psychology in this modern marketing era to help small businesses and B2B organisations connect with MORE of their most profitable customers to grow their business and achieve returns on investment (RoI).


Vermilion Pinstripes team of marketing, communications, technologists, writers and creative designers

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Vermilion Pinstripes has a team who uses maths, science, creativity and psychology in this modern marketing era to help small businesses and B2B organisations connect with MORE of their most profitable customers to generate revenue and achieve RoI.

As an entrepreneur, technologist and international marketer, I take pride in helping our local and international clients thrive - like when they desire brand authority; their revenue becomes stagnant; when their sales teams don’t seem productive or when their brand lacks clarity. I’m happy to have the opportunity to work closely with them to turn their business around, grow and help them stay Personable, Relevant and Admirable.

Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist


 Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist,  Vermilion Pinstripes

Local businesses tell me that their #1 dislike is to sell. They don’t want to sell by selling, preferring to talk about everything else instead of their own brand, capabilities or products. And so, their brand doesn’t stand out. In this competitive marketplace, I help them articulate their brand with confidence, boost reputation and shape perceptions among their stakeholders. Now, these businesses understand the power of messaging for brand clarity and loyalty.

Joh-Ju Koh, Communications Strategist


Koh Joh Ju, Communications Strategist, Vermilion Pinstripes

In this digital world, the fundamental principles of human motivation remain remarkably consistent. As a Modern Marketer, I help businesses engage their customers - like humans - in a way that resonates before deciding what technology to apply.

Charlene Tan, Director Modern Marketing


Charlene Tan-Director-Modern-Marketing-Vermilion-Pinstripes-191328-edited

The technology that powers modern internet marketing is endlessly evolving. Constant change is the norm and what was amazing 5 years ago is already old hat. At Vermilion Pinstripes, we never talk down to clients on tech. Instead we demonstrate strategies and outcomes that can be realised for your brand through the best mix of marketing technology, tools and platforms. We make it all work seamlessly and keep the marketing technology invisible.

Geoff Hughes,  Marketing Technologist 


 Geoff Hughes, Marketing Technologist, Vermilion Pinstripes

A background in English Literature, languages and dance has allowed me to gain insights into many aspects of humanity and opportunities to interact with people of diverse cultures and experiences. Being a content writer means I get to inform, inspire, entertain, comfort or intrigue people, evoke emotions and ultimately, help people find common grounds for understanding and empathy. Writing is my way of finding the "human" in every one of us, making that quiet yet powerful emotional connection together.

Yann Tyng Kooi, Content Writer

Kooi Yann Tyng, Content Writer, Vermilion Pinstripes

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You just want to talk to someone who understands your business. To help you build business confidence, grow your business and achieve happy returns. Someone who is savvy enough to know how to use technology and creativity to help you achieve your business goals and objective.

Someone who can use creativity, maths, science and psychology to help you sell, market and communicate with your most attractive customers.

Someone who can help you build emotional connections and strengthen loyalty to your brand for the long term.

Vermilion Pinstripes is an integrated sales, marketing and communications agency with a team of creative, business and technology professionals who can help you on your journey of growth.

Someone who help you build a happy confident business.

So let's talk!

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