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About us.

"Vermilion Pinstripes' purpose is to create Happy Businesses"

Vermilion Pinstripes is an international modern sales marketing and communications agency based in Australia, Singapore and Canada, driven by a singular mission:

To help businesses thrive with confidence.

As the creator of growth, we harness the power of our collective expertise in business, communications, marketing and technology to help brands deliver definite business results. This is through our Modern Marketing Framework TM which guides teams to Sell Without Selling by orchestrating the customer’s journey as one voice, one brand.

We are operating in The Experience Economy today. Vermilion Pinstripes Modern Marketing Framework TM empowers small business owners, experienced B2B business, marketing and communications professionals on their journeys of growth for their brands, while delivering definite business outcomes.

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As partners and agents for WIX, Hubspot, Bookeo and Wix software, it's amazing how we have a team who use maths, science, creativity and psychology in this modern marketing era to help small businesses and B2B organisations connect with MORE of their most profitable customers to grow their business and achieve returns on investment (RoI).


Brilliant - a Wizard Communications Medium

Most recently, Veronica’s long experience in adapting technology to business needs of clients has led to Vermilion Pinstripes’ development of Brilliant, the glossy online interactive magazine with multi-media reading and advertising.

Brilliant dynamically articulates Vermilion Pinstripes’ principles of Modern Marketing, by weaving layers of digital interaction to create a captivating new communications medium.

Its exciting multi-dimensional format has been compared to the magical Daily Prophet newspaper in the books and films of teenage wizard Harry Potter.

A glossy interactive digital monthly magazine, Brilliant smashes the barriers of traditional one-dimensional layouts with a kaleidoscope of multi-dimensional touch-points, significantly enhancing the appeal of both its editorial and advertising.

Geared for reading on digital devices and aimed at progressive individuals and businesses of the digital era, Brilliant’s pages are embedded with an array of QR codes, links to websites and videos, pop-up files, animations, audio files and podcasts.

Readers simply click on these for access to further information in a choice of various formats, deepening their magazine experience with added colour and character.

Brilliant is also available online as a website with further in-depth editorial reviews and features.

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Vermilion Pinstripes team of marketing, communications, technologists, writers and creative designers

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Vermilion Pinstripes has a team who uses maths, science, creativity and psychology in this modern marketing era to help small businesses and B2B organisations connect with MORE of their most profitable customers to generate revenue and achieve RoI.


We believe in making Buying Easier for your customers. Businesses embarking on growth face challenges of how to harness the right opportunities and channels to strengthen their brand and sell even more. We harness art, maths, science and psychology to empower clients to achieve their business vision quickly and within budget.

Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist


 Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist,  Vermilion Pinstripes


Businesses can rely on us to build customer trust, create engaging conversations and strengthen relationships throughout their sales cycle. With Vermilion Pinstripes, businesses can turn positive perceptions into positive business outcomes.

Joh-Ju Koh, Communications Strategist


Koh Joh Ju, Communications Strategist, Vermilion Pinstripes

I am driven to lead Vermilion Pinstripes' modern marketing efforts in the UK. My expertise in marketing and business development spans across China, South East Asia, and Europe. Having been exposed to a wide range of cultures, from East to West, I possess a distinct advantage in helping businesses effectively attract clients on a global scale.

Adam Hyslop, Business Director, UK


Adam Hyslop Vermilion Pinstripes

Today’s digital, “always-on” economy provides so many exciting opportunities for businesses to maximise their exposure by combining marketing and technology. I'm delighted that my background in marketing and communications, working for an agency and in-house, and for companies in Asia, Australia and the Americas have benefited many clients who engages Vermilion Pinstripes.

Mehreen Hasan, Marketing Technologist

Mehreen Hasan, Marketing Technologist, Vermilion Pinstripes


A background in English Literature, languages and dance has allowed me to gain insights into many aspects of humanity and opportunities to interact with people of diverse cultures and experiences. Being a content writer means I get to inform, inspire, entertain, comfort or intrigue people, evoke emotions and ultimately, help people find common grounds for understanding and empathy. Writing is my way of finding the "human" in every one of us, making that quiet yet powerful emotional connection together.

Yann Tyng Kooi, Content Writer


Kooi Yann Tyng, Content Writer, Vermilion Pinstripes

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Someone who can help you build emotional connections and strengthen loyalty to your brand for the long term.

Vermilion Pinstripes is an integrated sales, marketing and communications agency with a team of creative, business and technology professionals who can help you on your journey of growth.

Someone who help you build a happy confident business.

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