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AI can be your superpower to boost your marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Marketing are not as unlikely bedfellows as you may think. They may just be the ultimate power boost that could make a difference to your business.
Veronica Lind , Business and Marketing Strategist of Vermilion Pinstripes , and CEO of Brilliant-Online , has been swimming in the seas of technology since she was 18. For someone like Veronica, technology is not something to be feared, but to be harnessed and used for a better cause.
Businesses can unlock the power of AI for their marketing. Whether it's AI-driven tools to ace data analysis or craft spot-on content, AI can help businesses to level up their marketing. AI can help you get to know your customers, and even help curate unique experiences they will enjoy. AI can help your message reach the right people at the right timing.
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Cyber Security is Vital for Healthy Businesses to Thrive

Digitisation has its dark side, and that comes in the form of cyber attacks and threats. Even as we amp up digitisation we also have to boost our cyber security measures. 

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?
In business, that's an absolute NO.

Without Modern Marketing, you will be Out of Sight and Out of Mind.

Here are three things that can help small businesses become and stay visible. 

Small businesses face the challenge of being seen. So size matters sometimes, but in Modern Marketing, the cyberworld offers you infinite opportunities to expand and reach out. So there's hope. You are not entirely limited by your size. Let's talk about what small businesses need to be visible often enough in order for clients to sit up and notice them, and then to remember and even desire them. 

Small businesses need to be seen (often) in order to be adequately heard by the number of customers you want for your business. Getting a business up and running and to be visible is hard work.

A single business network meeting, one social post or one little ad alone is far from enough. While we do not suggest you inundate customers with endless posts or newsletters, (remember, familiarity breeds contempt), you do have to be regular and consistent in engaging with them.

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Branding for ASX Companies

I was delighted to be interviewed recently by Noel Ong in his online series of Rooster Talks to give a brief outline of Vermilion Pinstripes’ Modern Marketing and the philosophy behind our mission to make businesses happy, in particular about Branding for ASX Companies.

In a nutshell, this involves helping brands build business confidence and refining their relationships with customers and business peers, through marketing and communications technology. 

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How to use videos to find new customers and sell to them

The use of text, images, voice and videos make up Vermilion Pinstripes' Visual Communications offering. The use of videos are not new. They have existed for many many years. The big change in video is how important video has become on every platform and channel, especially your social media.

Why social? Research has shown that most people who watch videos watch it on their social channels.

Last Wednesday, 20 May 2020, I invited Stuart Lyall and our client, Lee from My Blue Tea as speakers in one of our webinars to share "Everything you need to know about creating great brand and product videos and using these videos to find new customers and sell to them".

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A Strategy for Businesses to Thrive

The old saying that every cloud has a silver lining has never been truer than in these extraordinary times we’re all currently living through.

For small businesses, this situation is a heaven-sent chance to tread water.

The invisible spectre of COVID-19 stalking the globe has forced widespread isolation of communities and shutdowns of conventional business activities.

But in our Vermilion Pinstripes business sphere – where we always look for that silver lining to take full advantage of it – COVID-19 has also generated genuine by-products of hope and optimism for the future.

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8 tips to shape your Brand

8 tips to Shape your Brand -
The NEW Branding Guide for the Modern Business

The brand is important for any business. This is because in the eyes of the customer, the brand is the entity that distinguishes the organisation or product from its rivals on the market. 

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Planning for 2020

Start 2020 with a positive note!

Here's a little nugget of thought for you to ponder over as 2020 begins:

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Running, running a marketing campaign and a business (or two!)

Running wasn’t a habit I fell into. It was one I deliberately developed over 6 years or so. I hated running but saw the value of it in a life I hope to sustain for a while. And so, I got a running coach who built a simple and achievable plan which then, made me into a runner. So many years on, my coach is still my coach but my running distances have gotten far longer with a half marathon next month.

I see now that my running journey wasn’t an accident - things in life rarely are! When I embarked on this journey, I wasn’t planning on relocating to a new country or running a business. But here I am, doing both in a new city.

Running has graced me with the tools and attitude to pummel through challenges I don’t expect, like when the pipeline gets low but the task list gets high. Running reminds me of the three game-changing things I can do now to serve the future (that worrying just can’t).

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Sister-Duo Helps Family Business Adjust to a Changing Market

Marketing is important to small business owners but let's do it right.

Our guest blogger this month is marketer Brianna Vansoest who writes about how marketing transformed her parents' family business.
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