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  • Vermilion Pinstripes client list 16 March 2021
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What Our Clients Say

Vermilion Pinstripes helped Mid North Coast Diagnostic Imaging with powerful brand messaging that resonates with doctors, patients and communities


I'm 100% with you. Thank you very much for the effort you go through, helping us. I do value your input and vision immensely. I really appreciate everything you do for us. It makes me feel empowered to be implementing positive change to not only the business, but the people I work with. thank you!" - Shayne Trotter Mid North Coast Diagnostic Imaging (MNCDI)

Vermilion Pinstripes uses Modern Marketing for My Blue Tea that increases their sales by more than 200%

My Blue Tea

My Blue Tea worked with Vermilion Pinstripes as soon as business started. They helped us create an engaging website, online shop, optimise our social media and activated our email campaigns. On top of our very successful online presence, we frequently tap onto Veronica for business and marketing advice. Many things she did, is beyond our expectations. We trust her expertise and professionalism and is confident about growing our business with continued Modern Marketing expertise from Vermilion Pinstripes. - My Blue Tea

Vermilion Pinstripes puts Accomplished Tree Management on page 1 of Google


We knew we could trust Vermilion Pinstripes because they were so insistent on doing a good job, constantly keeping track of our SEO performance, reporting back to us on improvements needed and being selective on content useful to our business. They were astute and organised in guiding us to get real business through the door. They are definitely experts you can trust in. We felt we were in safe hands and it has been proven they were able to give us the boost and growth we needed. - Rhys Mackney - Accomplished Tree Management

Vermilion Pinstripes provides Modern Marketing Services to 6 of TG's Child Care centres

TG's Child Care

You have helped us find our direction and given us a rebirth of enthusiasm. We are so grateful for everything you bring and do for growing and developing TG's to new levels. We've all learnt much and look forward to implementing more of your ideas and strategies. Your experience and expertise at Vermilion Pinstripes is incredible! -Gayle Kee, General Manager, TG's Child Care

Vermilion Pinstripes build a modern website for Port Macquarie Hastings Heritage

Port Macquarie Hastings Heritage

Veronica and her team at Vermilion Pinstripes recently gave my website, Port Macquarie Hastings Heritage, a timely major overhaul.
They don't just work for you THEY WORK WITH YOU massaging your ideas by using their talents, expertise and knowledge to create a fantastic website - one that you can be proud of.
I would highly recommend Vermilion Pinstripes - Mitch McKay PMHH

Jenny-McKenzie learns so much from Vermilion Pinstripes Marketing workshops

Jenny McKenzie Celebrant

As a Celebrant and a new Facebook user I attended the Facebook Advertising Workshop with Veronica. She takes you through step by step and is a very patient presenter, questions as we progressed through each step. Thanks so much for your presentation last night it was great, so helpful with the tools to work with  - Jenny McKenzie

Avery Dennison

Vermilion Pinstripes supports Avery Dennison with external communications

I have worked with Vermilion Pinstripes since it began as Pinstripes Communications for engagement and outreach programmes across Asia Pacific region in the last 10 years. The team has constantly delivered strong results based on its belief in clear brand messaging. They always put in more than 110% in each project and I truly appreciate their support in helping me attain my business goals. - Sui-Ching Low. 




Samso Digital Investor Relations

Vermilion Pinstripes has done more than a fantastic job on my site. It has totally transformed my website to a working site that is now able to express the business online. What attracted me to Vermilion is the fact that Veronica comes from a practical business and marketing background. This allows her to understand how to make something chaotic into a clear message. - Noel Ong, CEO, Samso Pty Ltd

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