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Is it right to cut marketing spending right now? We would suggest investing in areas that give you the most impact - coronavirus or any other time. Vermilion Pinstripes is staying open, ready and available to ride out these tough times together with you by providing you free resources and tools to help you do better sales, marketing and communications so you can emerge THRIVING. You don't want to be competing amongst the clutter when the air clears. You want to be top of mind now and stay top of mind when your clients are ready to buy more again.

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Make Good Business Better

5 Tips for Small Businesses Plan for a Brilliant New Year

"Always be prepared" is the mantra of our times. A new year is the time for you to expand your network and renew your skills and sales. A good time to plan!

Download this eBook for 5 tips to spur you on!

brilliant online vermilion pinstripes 5 tips for a brilliant 2023


Ideas for the Never Normal World

Business Leaders adjusting & adapting impacted businesses

Download this eBook that summarises the discussions amongst business leaders who shed light on the ways that changes and new developments have impacted businesses around the world, and how each managed to adjust and adapt their business strategies to counter them.


  • Diversification
  • Collaborations
  • Engagement
  • Digitalisation
  • Creating Experiences
  • Choosing Convenience

eBook-Ideas for businesses in the never normal world-vermilion pinstripes-september 2021

Know your Customer

Customer Avatar worksheet to help you redefine what your customer looks like today and what they need from you to solve their problem.



SEO Primer

This SEO presentation shows you what you need to do to boost your organic search and create authority in your niche.



Marketing Campaign Checklist

With this handy checklist, you can keep track of all the available channels you should be using next time you launch a marketing campaign.

FREE marketing campaign checklist by Vermilion Pinstripes


6 Marketing Metrics that Matter

Present these 6 marketing metrics to your boss to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts.



How to add alt-text to Facebook and Instagram posts

Boost your SEO

Be excited about a short phrase used to identify images because it pushes up your SEO!

Adding alt-text into Instagram posts

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Everything you want to know about  Modern Marketing

56-page eBook packed with Modern Marketing information where art and science meet so you can sell without selling. Modern marketing helps you sell better and faster than your competitors.

Modern Marketing is the art and science of selling without selling


Workplace Communications Template

A simple and effective workplace communication template that has proposed text and visuals to help you better communicate with your stakeholders.

Workplace communications template, free resource by Vermilion Pinstripes-1


Your website needs a Privacy Policy and here's why

Privacy laws around the world dictate that if you collect personal information from your website visitors, then you need to have a Privacy Policy posted to your site. Download an example of a Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy - Vermilion Pinstripes - web designer Australia

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8 Tips to Shape Your Brand

Love is Timeless in Modern Marketing - The NEW Branding Guide for the Modern Business.

Love is timeless in Modern Marketing by vermilion pinstripes

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A Blueprint for Businesses to stay open, ready and available during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some crisis-proof strategies that we practise and will serve you during a crisis, in normal situations and many others.

Download Vermilion Pinstripes Blueprint for Businesses to stay open, ready and available during the COVID-19 Pandemic-1


This workbook will help you structure your press release

DOWNLOAD THIS WORKBOOK to learn how to write a factual yet compelling press release that will help you grab the media’s attention. Here you will find:
  • What should be in your press release
  • Structure of a press release
  • 5 steps on how to write a press release including a set of 10 questions to help you articulate the important points of Who, What, Why, Where, When and How

How to write a press release workbook by Vermilion Pinstripes

How to Write a Press Release

Watch the recording for Free for a limited time

Positive publicity will help you generate new leads for your business. The start of a PR campaign involves issuing a press release to the media. Learn how to write a factual yet compelling press release that will help you grab the media’s attention, as well as how the modern press release has changed from what you may be familiar with!

Click on image below to watch.

How to write a press release by Vermilion Pinstripes

This workbook will help you structure your own PR campaigns and engage better with the media.

"How to Pitch your Story to the Media".

How to pitch your story to the media - workbook by Vermilion Pinstripes

Rocking Content

How is content SEO relevant?

Is it true what I write impacts searchability on the world wide web? If so, how can I write intelligently and emotionally that makes sense to both humans and machines?

A clever conversation on rocking content that works across all online channels.

  • What content do I need to attract and engage.
  • Do I really have to place different content for blogs, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • How does SEO works
  • Do I need Google My Business

Visual Communications

What graphics sell?

We face this discussion with our clients often too. Every time we work with businesses on brand assets such as ads or videos, the participants gets caught up in the selections of visuals - colours, styles, models, etc. So what should we be focusing on, really?

Visuals are a powerful medium of communication. The speakers discuss the importance of visual communications.

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