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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?
In business, that's an absolute NO.

Without Modern Marketing, you will be Out of Sight and Out of Mind.

Here are three things that can help small businesses become and stay visible. 

Small businesses face the challenge of being seen. So size matters sometimes, but in Modern Marketing, the cyberworld offers you infinite opportunities to expand and reach out. So there's hope. You are not entirely limited by your size. Let's talk about what small businesses need to be visible often enough in order for clients to sit up and notice them, and then to remember and even desire them. 

Small businesses need to be seen (often) in order to be adequately heard by the number of customers you want for your business. Getting a business up and running and to be visible is hard work.

A single business network meeting, one social post or one little ad alone is far from enough. While we do not suggest you inundate customers with endless posts or newsletters, (remember, familiarity breeds contempt), you do have to be regular and consistent in engaging with them.

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