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    Read now - Love and Profit equals a Happy Business
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SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING - Testimonial from My Blue Tea


Hi, you can be a Happy Business. Our Marketing Starter Pack starts from $2,000.

A Small Business Marketing Starter Pack that makes you profitable:

  • an engaging website with content that speaks your brand with call to action that engage your most attractive customers
  • personalised SEO to get you found on the world wide web
  • register your domain and email address
  • Set up Google analytics and Google My Business
  • optimise your business Facebook page
  • design your website launch plan

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What else does Vermilion Pinstripes do to help small business owners be happy:

  • Go-to-market strategies
    • Not sure which direction to take in your business? Let's brainstorm and map out how you can bring your products and services to the right markets and be more profitable.

  • Tell your brand story in words
    • Brand Messaging
      • Most small businesses struggle with their brand message and how to tell their story online and offline. What makes them different? What values do they bring to their most attractive customers? Maybe you want to start thinking what you are famous for?
    • Content writing or editing
      • We can word smith the content of your website or brochure in the way that appeals to your customers and to entice them to take action with you.
      • Need to be out there? Let's work with you to get you noticed, be it, a press release, an ad or your profile on LinkedIn. 
      • Blogging is a great way to get you found and showcase your expertise, products and services. Let's start your blog.
  • Tell your story visually
    • A picture says a thousand words. It must be consistently aligned to your brand. We marry creativity and psychology into your visuals so that they can attract the right customers and encourage an action. 
      • Logos
      • Design work
      • Photography
      • Videos
  • We build beautiful engaging Websites that bring you business
    • We don't just build an "information" website by putting texts and pretty pictures together. We build websites that work hard to bring you sales.
    • We want to know what's the purpose of your business, why and how your customers buy from you. We design a wireframe based on your customers' behaviours. Words and images are carefully written, chosen and placed at strategic positions to entice active call to action.
    • We improve SEO tremendously so you get found on the world wide web.
    • Optimise your social channels.
    • Apply Google Analytics
    • Set up Google My Business.
    • Website builders include WIX, Wordpress, Shopify, HubSpot CMS
  • Technology onboarding
    • Technology is a huge impact to business and shapes the way they buy, sell, hire and manage their business. In fact, some businesses who did not embrace technology, become displaced by new entrants, not only in their local location but by those in another country. With the internet, you can practically do business with just about anyone.
    • We help businesses become more efficient in managing their marketing and their business. Learn more about Modern Marketing.
    • Bookeo online booking system
    • Retail, restaurants and cafes
      • Kounta point of sales
      • Online ordering via web, Facebook and app
      • Check out an example where we put technology and marketing to work in a Chinese restaurant.
    • CRM and digital marketing
      • HubSpot
      • Shopify
      • Mailchimp
      • Wix
      • WordPress
      • Social Media

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