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How to use videos to find new customers and sell to them

The use of text, images, voice and videos make up Vermilion Pinstripes' Visual Communications offering. The use of videos are not new. They have existed for many many years. The big change in video is how important video has become on every platform and channel, especially your social media.

Why social? Research has shown that most people who watch videos watch it on their social channels.

Last Wednesday, 20 May 2020, I invited Stuart Lyall and our client, Lee from My Blue Tea as speakers in one of our webinars to share "Everything you need to know about creating great brand and product videos and using these videos to find new customers and sell to them".

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A Strategy for Businesses to Thrive

The old saying that every cloud has a silver lining has never been truer than in these extraordinary times we’re all currently living through.

For small businesses, this situation is a heaven-sent chance to tread water.

The invisible spectre of COVID-19 stalking the globe has forced widespread isolation of communities and shutdowns of conventional business activities.

But in our Vermilion Pinstripes business sphere – where we always look for that silver lining to take full advantage of it – COVID-19 has also generated genuine by-products of hope and optimism for the future.

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