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Running, running a marketing campaign and a business (or two!)

Running wasn’t a habit I fell into. It was one I deliberately developed over 6 years or so. I hated running but saw the value of it in a life I hope to sustain for a while. And so, I got a running coach who built a simple and achievable plan which then, made me into a runner. So many years on, my coach is still my coach but my running distances have gotten far longer with a half marathon next month.

I see now that my running journey wasn’t an accident - things in life rarely are! When I embarked on this journey, I wasn’t planning on relocating to a new country or running a business. But here I am, doing both in a new city.

Running has graced me with the tools and attitude to pummel through challenges I don’t expect, like when the pipeline gets low but the task list gets high. Running reminds me of the three game-changing things I can do now to serve the future (that worrying just can’t).

Build a simple plan
Ruminating about all the deadlines and the tasks that need to get done, and the little time to do it in won’t help. Take a moment to centre your mind, pull up your calendar and build a plan (or plans) to complete the tasks that get that goal.

At Vermilion Pinstripes, we use tools like Trello, Slack and HubSpot to manage our projects and tasks so team members get on top of things.

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Just do it
Like Richard Branson says, 'Screw It, Just Do It!'. Once the plan has been made, calendarise it (realistically). Then, when the time comes along. Just do it. Don’t think about getting through it quickly to get to the next task or that you have something more important to do instead. Just stop what you’re doing, and get to it.

Smash one achievable milestone at a time
One task at a time - one kilometre at a time. I’ve learnt to take long runs, one milestone at a time. If I look at 15KM in the face as a whole, I’d balk and probably quit. So, I break it up in to 5KMs. And if on the run it gets hard and my head gets tough, I break it up into 1KMs; and always without fail, I finish as planned. Sure, the experience varies but I finish and always learn a good lesson.

I practice these three things on the work front, often. In fact, just yesterday when I felt strained and in a spin about everything that needed to get done across the businesses, (while nursing a cold) - I took a pause. Then got my calendar out, got my notepad and wrote all the tasks that needed to get done. Calendarised it all out and started on them, one at a time. No dramas, no stress.

Charlene's feisty, blind little Maltese
Charlene's feisty, blind little Maltese felt like she ran the Marathon!

Running a marketing campaign is similar, and I apply the same tried and tested principles to success. Start the journey with a simple plan utilising proven tactics and platforms. Activate the plan, one work stream at a time. And soon, a simple but effective campaign is primed and ready for modern marketing tactics to amplify current efforts! 

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