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Do Power Poses Work when you're Selling?

I was with two HubSpotters and their partners to discuss Inbound Sales Techniques. Tom mentioned that a Power Pose before a sales call would usually instil confidence. I've heard about this and thought I should give it a try 5 minutes before the sales call, knowing that I would get into a difficult sales situation. I continued standing in that pose 5 minutes into the call.

Yes, I was more confident, handled the call pretty well and it turned out to be less stressful!

Do Power Poses Work during selling

I went on to research the science behind this simple yet powerful sales technique. There was evidence that those who adopted power poses had increased levels of testosterone (hormone associated with power) and decreased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). There's also an increase appetite for risk. Our bodies influence our minds, and simple postures can convey feelings of physical power as well as mental strength. We actually come to feel more emotionally powerful through the way our bodies feel physically.

Stand like a superhero, feel like a superhero, act like superhero.

According to Kendra Lee, a Prospect Attraction Expert, Power Poses can help you feel more powerful, more confident and less stressful. Here are 10 sales situations where you will find the power pose or super hero stance most useful. Use it when you want to:

1. Make cold calls.

2. Ask requirements gathering questions your prospect may find uncomfortable.

3. Want to reframe a prospect’s frozen thinking.

4. Make a recommendation you aren’t sure will be received well.

5. Present a financial justification for a high priced solution.

6. Deliver a proposal for a high priced solution.

7. Ask for a referral from a client who isn’t expecting it.

8. Begin a potentially challenging negotiation.

9. Close a sale.

10. Have any difficult conversation – with prospects, customers, peers, managers and leaders.

So next time you need to galvanise your self-confidence before or during a meeting adopt the “Superman stance” for two minutes and feel it start to rise again.

Have you tried this Power Pose? Tell us about your experience.



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