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In 2023, Make Your Good Business Better (yes, overcome uncertainties)

Your business has survived a global pandemic. Now, let us keep up the good work together for an even better 2023  

The past couple of years have been gruelling but we have all turned our businesses around. To share our journey going forward, let us do a recap of 2022 along with the key elements that made turned growing businesses to thriving businesses.  
With fresh ideas, new business practices and robust technologies, Vermilion Pinstripes is proud to have helped our clients make 2022 a great year for business. Moving forward, we are brimming with energy to help clients make that leap to be better businesses - better for their customers, staff, communities, and even the environment! 
Happy Holidays 2022 from the team at Vermilion Pinstripes

Modern Marketing

Central to our client's successes is the Vermilion Pinstripes Modern Marketing Framework™. It helps our clients design their own integrated strategies, campaigns and tactics aimed at activating brands and achieving sales results. Sales, Marketing and Communications come together to apply technology, mathematics, science, creativity and psychology into an ecosystem that empowers a brand's customers to move onto their next stage of lifecycle faster than they would on their own.

What this means is that Modern Marketing Framework empowers our clients to bring communities to their business and sell without selling. This has kept businesses going and growing steadfastly and it's our anchor to help new businesses secure their presence locally and internationally, and current businesses have profited from a revamp of their brand image and voice, bringing in better and more consistent sales. 

Amazing achievements

The success of our clients matter to us, and our long time relationships over the years means we know of their struggles and difficulties. So when they score, we are just ready to celebrate! Our client, Accomplished Tree Management was awarded Top Three Best Tree Service Provider by ThreeBestRated in Port Macquarie. Congratulations! 

TG's Child Care is certainly finishing 2022 with a bang looking at their series of awards! Their State Manager for NSW, Meg Barnden-Hyde won Outstanding Business Leader in the New England North West Business Award 2022. TG's also won Highly Commended for Excellence in Professional Services in the 2022 Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards. TG's Armidale was awarded the KindiCare Excellence Awards 2022 for their excellence in Early Childhood Education and Care. Keep on Playing it Forward, TG's!

TGs Child Care wellbeing for children with Healthy Harold

Exciting new plans 

An exciting part of our job is supporting our clients as they launch a new service, product and grow towards another stage in their business. We see their hard work behind the scenes, and we couldn't be more excited when something new is launched. 

AC Healthy Solutions has just made buying even easier with their new online store. We revamped their website to make it exciting, inviting and engaging. Whoever said healthy foods are boring? We wanted to get clients as passionate as Alison Carroll, the Turmeric Lady about their health! Check out their website and boost your health for 2023! 

And if that's not enough for a health boost, on the other side of the planet, our client My Body My Pilates in Japan launched their Pilates Instructor Training Course in 2022! We were with them from the very beginning when their founder, Helen Zhang, went to California to be trained to getting the course out and rolling. They are helping to make Pilates a natural way of life for a long time to come by providing quality training courses.


Desley Polmear Creative continues to share her joy for writing with many others and she not only continues to publish her own writing, she has also been helping budding writers to launch their creative work. Check out their exciting project here

Panoptic Vision at Lake Cathie is taking their business even further with the opening of their new branch in Bellingen NSW. Talk about expanding their vision, literally! It is a healthy housekeeping habit in Modern Marketing to refurbish your website from time to time. We gave Panoptic Vision a new fresh look as they continue to provide quality eyecare services to the communities. 

Brilliant-Online launched a new look this year, and was among the finalists for Outstanding Startups in the 2022 Business Awards. Brilliant-Online has been sharing brilliant stories that bring businesses to their communities. Read Brilliant's Story
Even as PM Link is working hard to shape Singapore's ever-changing skyline, they have also been building their new modern workplace. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with their project manager on the work that went into creating a modern yet inclusive workplace that supports staff wellbeing and encourages effective collaboration. Take a peek here
For our client Avery Dennison, we are proud to support the official announcement of the company´s new distribution centre in Melbourne. With a focus on sustainability, this new centre stands out with its features ranging from solar systems to rainwater collection systems for irrigation.  
Infineon has been busy with their collaborations with Asian startups LG Superstart of South Korea and VinFast of Vietnam. It was an honour to support their PR engagement during their annual technology forum, OktoberTech Asia Pacific.  Learn more here
Taiton Resources Limited (ASX:T88) launched their IPO in October 2022. Vermilion Pinstripes did our magic in getting the news out across the channels and platforms. An IPO is a big step for a company and we wanted people to know and get curious about their exciting projects in South and Western Australia. Read what IPO is all about.

Sharing the passion

CATS4TAX makes taxes and finances seem like a breeze. We continue to support them with their social media and knowledge sharing on their blogs so their clients can see a clear path forward to healthier finances, better business development and clearing up myths about the intimidating world of taxes. Lyndall Ward takes care of her clients´ finances, while we take care of Lyndall's marketing so she has ample time to focus on her passion in the world of numbers. Check out her financial tips to start 2023
Haru Hana continues to be a mother's favourite shop for All Things Kids! Everything they have is adorable and a joy to use, plus they have all been carefully selected with the children's safety and comfort as a priority. They set up payment systems Laybuy and LattitudePay to make buying even easier so their clients can spend time on what matters most, their children. 
Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC) has been soaring high in 2022. They have a record number of pilot achievements! Woo hoo! We are so pleased to see so many people of all ages take to the skies and HDFC has been building up the passion and desire of many pilots with their excellent instructors and training programmes. Would your dream be soaring with HDFC in 2023? Find out why they can help you take your dreams to the skies here
We are always hungry when we work with My Blue Tea, who has been a long-time client. We have seen their range of offerings grow from blue tea and pandan to an incredible collection of everything you need to recreate your fondest childhood recipes made by grandma. They are not shy about getting spicy at My Blue Tea, so if you want to get a real kick, check out their Premium Sarawak Laksa Paste! We have been working on their campaigns through the year and sharing lots of recipes on their blogs
Samso is another one of our long-time clients, and their ASX stories are getting even more compelling, and juicier, packed with information, knowledge and experiences shared by thought leaders across the industries. It's a rich ground for what Noel Ong, CEO of Samso advocates - Do Your Own Research (DYOR). We help to share their stories on their different areas - Coffee with Samso, Rooster Talks, Samso Insights, Investment Podcasts. Remember to subscribe if you want to get your investment brain a boost. To help boost engagement, Samso also shares on Brilliant-Online where they are creating compelling ASX stories.

Variety in our communities

Throughout 2022, we delivered on our promises for a great variety of businesses.
With Construction Professionals Pte Ltd, we completed a project to revitalise their training courses for AEC professionals (architecture, engineering and construction). 
You've Got Mail! The B2B business for brands like SingPost could benefit from clear and effective branding. Both these projects were done in collaboration with Zheng Fang Ting of Reverie Design Partners.
The Australian Malaysia Singaporean Association (AMSA) celebrated 185 years of migration history this year with a huge event with the Australian National Maritime Museum unveiling their National Monument to Migration. We handled this campaign including the event as well as their AMSA Annual Dinner, from sharing their story to preparing and designing their prospectus, invites and all other materials.
Photo below: The AMSA committee together with Sam Lim (MP) representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Australia.
AMSA annual dinner with Sam Lim MP
Micro Business Forum collaborated with Wauchope Chambers at this year's #LoveLocal Festival in November to support small businesses. Together with Brilliant-Online as the media partner supporting small businesses in the Hastings, we got our communities together to Connect for Success.  Now support local businesses.
We also never pass up the chance to get involved directly with our communities. Especially when there's a celebration like the Lasiandra Festival. Vermilion Pinstripes built a website specially for this festival to boost outreach and engagement. We wanted as many people as possible to not only know about the festival but to get excited and want to participate! Together with Brilliant-Online, another sponsor of the 2022 Lasiandra Festival, we made this 38th annual event a success bringing everyone in the community together to celebrate! 

Proof of the Pudding

And we have Port AdVenture Cruises to demonstrate this! With good SEO management and storytelling, we saw their web views jump 10 fold! Need we say more? That's what we love about Modern Marketing - you can see it working right before your eyes. Now you know where to go if you want a special day out on the Hastings River and view the sunset or perhaps spot a dolphin or two! We can't wait for the biggest Elvis Show on Earth on Saturday, 12th August at ICC Sydney.
Below: Paul and Anthony Fenech, Father and Son Elvis Impersonators. Photo credit- Glenn Nicholls
Paul and Anthony Fenech. Photo credit- Glenn Nicholls


New businesses on this journey with us

We are working with a platform that matches tutors and students for the exciting fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Based on the thinking that your website is now your calling card and that your social channels offer you to engage regularly with your customers, drawing them closer into your world, we are preparing this new client to share their passion for STEM across Australia.

Another new client is a trusted investment wrapper. We are working hard behind the scenes to accelerate its branding efforts and chart its growth and development to targeted audiences. We are also thrilled to be working with a new client who provides IT training personalised to the specific needs of businesses or individuals. 

We continue to work on ongoing projects for our clients in the areas of food safety, pharmaceutical research, life sciences, lithium battery solutions, etc.

How can your modern business thrive?

With our Modern Marketing Framework, you can thrive with your customers. Just click on the book now button below for a no-obligation consultation. Our team of creative, business, and technology professionals are here to support you as your business grows and thrives.

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