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Vermilion Pinstripes The women behind modern marketing

Women in Modern Marketing

Veronica Lind, Koh Joh Ju, Charlene Tan and Kooi Yann Tyng form our musketeer group of women driving the modern marketing force at Vermilion Pinstripes and we are thrilled to be building happy, confident businesses across Asia Pacific.

Women’s achievements across industries around the world have seen unbelievable changes. Looking to a more gender-balanced world, we are proud as women in our modern century to have so much to contribute to Modern Marketing in our team. Having a sense of purpose and fulfilment in both our personal and professional spheres is vital to living a full and happy life and we are delighted to be able to bring our skills and experiences to our clients.

At Vermilion Pinstripes, we are all working towards the same goal of helping businesses sell without selling and building happy, confident businesses.

Meet our women who have Modern Marketing coursing through their veins, and you will see why they are happy with what they do, every single day! After all, happiness is a major incentive in Modern Marketing!

Vermilion Pinstripes The women behind modern marketing

Veronica Lind as Business and Marketing Strategist is the solid base on which everything else grows. Her background as an entrepreneur, technologist and international marketer allows her to have 360 degree vision in Modern Marketing. Having walked the path in owning several small businesses and growing them, it is no wonder that driving businesses to improve their branding and getting them to be enthusiastic about the process and their newly formed skills is second nature to Veronica.

Like a fish to water, the areas of technology, business development, sales and marketing are natural habitats for Veronica. Always feeding on challenges, she built a significant part of her career in IBM at the global level. She was also the first woman in Asia to be certified for structured cabling design, leading the successful design and installation of many large scale network cabling projects and building data centres across industries.

For Veronica, businesses need an open mindset of taking on new technology confidently while at the same time, consolidating the human touch in their strategies. Going the extra mile for clients and adding the personal touch can be the vital difference in what makes one business succeed while another flounders.

With a powerful human engagement, even small businesses can gain a strong competitive edge. Veronica is especially proud of Vermilion Pinstripes´ Modern Marketing Framework (MMF). Its unique blend of maths, science, creativity and psychology combined with the latest technology helps businesses meet the challenges of rapid marketing technology changes.

When not helping businesses make a positive change and grow in confidence in marketing workshops, Veronica rolls up her sleeves and gets her hands busy with culinary adventures for her loved ones at home. In fact, Veronica even owned her very own specialty café and restaurant, so she is a prime example of how it is possible to combine passion and business and thrive! She practises what she preaches by adding her own personal touches to her cooking which was passed down from her mother. If you want her to share a recipe or two, Veronica will be happy to bring out her pots and pans!

Read more about Veronica in March 2019 Focus Magazine.

Koh Joh Ju is our Communications Strategist at Vermilion Pinstripes, a vital piece not to be missed. While Charlene helms ground level helping clients identify and close gaps in the market, Joh Ju specialises in hovering above to see the strategic big picture and guides clients towards their common goal.

With more than 20 years of experience in sales and communications, she is always brimming with ideas for businesses to accelerate their business and thrive with confidence. She has worked with technology and corporate clients such as Agilent, Oracle and Temasek Holdings. To add to this, she was Regional Communications Manager for IBM covering the Southeast Asia and India region for seven years.

At Vermilion Pinstripes we never ever really stop and keeping well in step with the latest demands is an imperative part of our strategy to make sure we are always fresh and equipped with the necessary skills to help businesses grow with confidence. We are really proud of Joh Ju for having received the Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist title conferred by The Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners.

An animal lover, Joh Ju volunteers her time with cat rescues and she also serves the vulnerable members of society to enable them to live a dignified life with confidence.

Charlene Tan is our Modern Marketing Director at Vermilion Pinstripes. A firm believer in human motivation, she works with businesses to fine tune their messaging, identify gaps in reaching and converting the market. Charlene comes from a background in global corporations and has been in the field for the past 18 years working with brands such as Ogilvy, Cisco Systems, IBM and Oracle. Her experience with different clients across industries confirms her belief that modern marketing techniques are highly accessible to every company.

With a Bachelor degree in Marketing and the Media (Murdock University, Perth, Western Australia) as well as a Certificate in Public Relations (Institute of Public Relations, Singapore), Charlene lives and breathes Modern Marketing. As a feisty touch to her career, what you may not know is she used to do wakeboarding! Perhaps not exactly the first sport that comes to mind when you think ´typical sports women do´ but having lived in Perth and now in Melbourne, one cannot possibly pass up the chance to ride the famous Australian waves. Now she has put away her wakeboarding past and is enjoying running with her zesty little pet Maltese!

Kooi Yann Tyng is our Content Writer at Vermilion Pinstripes. The world of languages is her playground and be it teaching, writing or translating, it has brought her all the way from Singapore to the other side of the globe where she is consolidating her career under the Spanish sun. Language is what she uses to give brands their unique "flavour" and engage more deeply with clients on an emotional level.

Yann Tyng graduated from the National University of Singapore with an Honours Degree in English Literature. When not nourishing her mind with books, she is busy doing brain gymnastics learning new languages. As a devoted disciple of movement work, Yann Tyng derives therapeutic catharsis expressing herself through dance and calibrating her over-enthusiastic chakras in yoga.

As we celebrate the strength and achievements of women from historical times to our modern day, we hope our work, contributions, ideas and most importantly, our motivation will continue to drive women and men in our industry and beyond. There is so much we can do as a balanced society where we bring together what we have to offer and to empower each other towards an exciting future ahead, especially in Modern Marketing!

Here's to Happy, Confident Businesses Now and Beyond!


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