Joh-Ju koh - Communications Strategist

Joh-Ju Koh

Communications Strategist

Koh Joh Ju, Communications Strategist, Vermilion PinstripesWith more than 20 years of experience in communications under her belt and having worked with a myriad of local, regional and international companies across a diverse range of fields, Joh-Ju has amassed a vast store of meeting marketing challenges and needs.

Skilled in listening to what companies need, Joh-Ju has guided many small and large companies to understand their values and customer profiles in order to build brand loyalty. She works closely with companies to identify what their business goals are and provide a framework how to achieve them.

Joh-Ju is a firm believer in combining communications with marketing and sales to empower companies to accelerate their business and to thrive with confidence.

“Businesses can rely on us to build customer trust, create engaging conversations and strengthen relationships throughout their sales cycle. With Vermilion Pinstripes, businesses can turn positive perceptions into positive business outcomes.”

Joh-Ju is a keen supporter of causes pertaining to sustainability, elderly and differently-abled individuals, and the community cat. She is an active volunteer with Love Kuching Project, a cat rescue organisation, that is creating a warmer and caring society by administering care to chronically ill or injured stray cats and abandoned kittens, and helping the vulnerable elderly in nursing homes and children in special needs schools with feline assisted therapy to aid them with their social, emotional and physical development.

To have an expert in the field listen to you and understand your challenges, contact Joh-Ju here.

Local businesses tell me that their #1 dislike is to sell. They don’t want to sell by selling, preferring to talk about everything else instead of their own brand, capabilities or products. And so, their brand doesn’t stand out. In this competitive marketplace, I help them articulate their brand with confidence, boost reputation and shape perceptions among their stakeholders. Now, these businesses understand the power of messaging for brand clarity and loyalty.

- Joh-Ju Koh


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