Veronica lind, Business and Marketing Strategist

Veronica Lind

Business and Marketing Strategist

Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist,  Vermilion Pinstripes

Veronica is the co-founder and Business & Marketing Strategist at Vermilion Pinstripes, a sales marketing and communications agency helping local, regional and global executives build business confidence and thrive.

Working in the world of technology from an early age, Veronica is a fish in water in the cyberspace aquarium. As a Modern Marketing Strategist, her dexterity with technology and her vast experience in sales, business development and marketing have attracted the attention of clients in regional and global markets.

Most recently, Veronica’s long experience in adapting technology to business needs of clients has led to Vermilion Pinstripes’ development of Brilliant, the glossy online interactive magazine with multi-media reading and advertising.

Geared for reading on digital devices and aimed at progressive individuals and businesses of the digital era, Brilliant’s pages are embedded with an array of QR codes, links to websites and videos, pop-up files, animations, audio files and podcasts.

With all these built-in digital portals Brilliant weaves layers of interaction to create a captivating new multi-dimensional communications medium that’s been compared to the magical Daily Prophet newspaper of the Harry Potter books and films.

To sell without selling is a key virtue she promotes and which has profited businesses that needed a boost of confidence. To sell without selling in the current marketing climate is the key to efficiently generating benefits, promoting effective marketing strategies, consolidating customer loyalty and enabling long-lasting, meaningful engagements with customers.

“Businesses embarking on growth face challenges of how to harness the right opportunities and strengthen their brand. We harness art, maths, science and psychology to empower clients with the right strategies and initiatives to achieve their business vision quickly and within budget.”

Veronica is frequently invited to speak on Modern Marketing and contributes articles to various magazines including the Singapore Marketer, a magazine by the Singapore Institute of Marketing.

When she is not busy driving sales or creating marketing campaigns, Veronica enjoys hours in her kitchen concocting recipes with her spices and juggling her pots and pans. Her chilli sauce is to die for if you have the stomach for the challenge!

If you want to gain clarity and guidance on Modern Marketing, (or if you just want the recipe for the killer chilli sauce), you can email Veronica here.

Veronica Lind Speaking engagements

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2010 - Selling to the CIOs and CFOs
2011 - Business development strategies for growth markets - Singapore, China, India, Korea, Thailand
2012 - Business innovation
2015 - Faculty Marketing Innovation Forum
2016 - Strategies for building emotional connections with B2B customers
2016 - Change the game with digital marketing technologies and social networks
2016 - Getting the most out of Facebook
2017 - Singapore Master Class on Inbound Marketing
2017 - Crafting your brand message
2017 - What makes you different
2018 - Modern Marketing for the Modern Business
2018 - Fast track your online marketing with SEO
2019 - Selling on social media
2019 - How to attract your most profitable customers and convert leads to sales
2019 - Do Facebook Advertising really well
2019 - Modern Marketing 2020
2020 - Sell more with Facebook: The social way to grow your business
2020 - Presenting yourself well in Business. First impressions count. What would you say the first thing you open your mouth.
2020 - Stay in the game and thrive: A blueprint for businesses to stay open, ready and available during the COVID-19 pandemic

As an entrepreneur, technologist and international marketer, I take pride in helping our local and international clients thrive - like when their revenue becomes stagnant, when their sales teams don’t seem productive or when their brand lacks clarity. I’m happy to have the opportunity to work closely with them to turn their business around, grow and help them stay Personable, Relevant and Admirable.

- Veronica Lind


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