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VP marketing project for Mid North Coast Eye Clinic

Giving a Clear Vision of Port Macquarie’s New Eye Clinic

It was challenging to open a new business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, we share how we put the new Mid North Coast Eye Clinic in Port Macquarie on the map.

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr. Ivan M. Young opened his Mid North Coast Eye Clinic in Port Macquarie in early 2020 to expand the company’s regional operations.

As a new presence in town, it was essential to establish his brand position and quality of services, especially his specialist treatment of cataracts using the latest Swept Source Optical Tomography equipment.

The clinic was caught in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the lockdown, elective surgery halted. Biting the bullet, we took the opportunity to renew its brand image and build new relationships with medical professionals.


This involved turning the pandemic environment to our advantage, using it as a platform to reach out, engage and build relationships with audiences - optometrists, general practitioners and patients. 

The key was positioning the opening of the clinic as a bright note amid the doom and gloom.

We developed a strategy of bringing together all existing and new brand elements of the clinic and Dr. Young, in one consistent platform of messaging and appeal for medical professionals.

Mid North Coast Eye-old logo             Mid North Coast Eye Clinic new logo

Mid North Coast Eye Clinic's old logo (top) and the cleaner, more modern new logo (bottom)

New business cards for Mid North Coast Eye Clinic by Vermilion Pinstripes

A modern business card design for Dr. Ivan Young, Ophthalmic Surgeon at Mid North Coast Eye Clinic

Direct Action

A lively brochure describing the clinic’s facilities and services provided by Dr. Young was created and sent out to our database of medical professionals, together with an upbeat email positioning the clinic opening as a positive move during the pandemic.  

Dr. Young was personally involved in the campaign, making personal phone calls to members of the medical community, as well as hosting face-face meetings. 

Future joint marketing campaigns are expected with the CEO of Port Macquarie Private Hospital supplementing these direct dialogues with medical professionals. 

Activities also extended across other areas, such as working with local Snap Printing on the new clinic’s logo design for business cards, brochure and Point of Sale gifts to medical professionals.

Mid North Coast Eye Clinic information brochure

Mid North Coast Eye Clinic's brochure explaining its Ophthalmology Services and Oculoplastic Surgery

Online Implementation

The new clinic’s online presence was ramped up with optimisation of online channels. We revamped the clinic’s website, improving SEO to enable its ranking to grow organically, and added Google My Business. Several blogs were created explaining common eye diseases and their treatment.

We installed HubSpot CRM and got all local GPs and optometrists into HubSpot, so that Dr. Young can now use it to manage marketing campaigns and conversations with them. CRM is also integrated to the clinic’s website.

Mid North Coast Eye Clinic Website Redesign

Vermilion Pinstripes redesigned the Clinic's website to a cleaner, easy-to-navigate layout

Sparking Media Curiosity

Media interest in the new clinic and its services was piqued by PR activities that promoted Dr. Young’s specialised expertise and linked it to growing regional and national demand for cataract services from an ageing population.

Added awareness was gained by positioning the clinic’s opening as a medical bright spot amid the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to favourable coverage in TV and print media. Dr. Young was interviewed to explain his new clinic’s facilities and its relevance to a rise in age-related eyesight problems.

Mid North Coast eye clinic media interview with NBN TV News PR by Vermilion PinstripesThe media interest in the clinic resulted in a TV interview with NBN


In the Picture

The clinic’s visual appeal was overhauled by fresh photography of the clinic, its personnel and equipment, for use on the website and in on-going PR activities.

Cirrus HD_OCT Optical Coherence Tomography


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