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Modern Marketing Framework Trademarked by Vermilion Pinstripes - proven to Build Business Confidence and sell without selling

Modern Marketing Framework Reduces Business Complexity, Uncertainty


Modern Marketing Framework TM Helps Businesses Reduce Complexity, Uncertainty

Modern Marketing Framework adds Human Touch to Customer Engagements in Digital Age.

Singapore and Australia, August 5, 2020 – A unique modern marketing resource enabling companies of all types in the digital age to reduce complexity and re-frame their business models for exceptional brand experiences with a human touch, has become the first of its kind to be trademarked by the Australian government’s intellectual property agency, IP Australia.* 

Modern Marketing Framework™ (MMF™) is a modular resource designed to help startups, traditional and modern businesses build confidence through simple and effective integration of sales, marketing and communications.

By leveraging technology that makes marketing humanly engaged, it enables customers to experience consistent engagements built on trust, personalisation and efficiency, that continue to grow and develop with their needs.

The framework helps businesses through targeting, enablement and demand generation processes, while being guided by core brand messages, forming a holistic approach to customer engagement in both online and offline experiences and interactions.

“MMF™ integrates sales, marketing, communications and customer service for businesses to ‘sell without selling’ confidently,” says Veronica Lind, business and marketing strategist for Vermilion Pinstripes, who created MMF™. 

“We’re delighted IP Australia has trademarked MMF™ to recognise our framework as a solid, timeless resource that empowers businesses of all types to thrive with business confidence.”

MMF™ was developed by Veronica for complex services deals during her career of more than 20 years in global technology and market development. She continued to adapt and refine the framework to make it scalable for startups and local businesses through to large enterprises. 

Vermilion Pinstripes Modern Marketing Framework Trademark number 1956365

Today, MMF™ is established as a model for Vermilion Pinstripes' team of consultants to help local companies in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan achieve their business goals.

Vermilion Pinstripes is a full-service Marketing and Communications agency with a team of experienced business, technology, marketing, communications and editorial professionals. The agency has offices in Australia and Singapore servicing clients across Asia Pacific. 

* MMF™ is registered with IP Australia under Trade Mark Number 1956365 for the following services: Advice relating to marketing management; Business advice relating to marketing; Business consultancy services relating to marketing; Consultancy relating to marketing; Direct marketing; Marketing; Marketing advisory services; Marketing agency services; Marketing consultancy; Marketing information; Marketing management advice; Planning of marketing strategies; Preparation of marketing plans; Product marketing; Provision of information relating to marketing; Search engine optimisation services (marketing services); Targeted marketing.
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Vermilion Pinstripes is a full-service Marketing and Communications agency with a team of experienced business, technology, marketing, communications and editorial professionals. Vermilion Pinstripes has offices in Australia and Singapore. It’s singular mission is to help businesses thrive with confidence leveraging its trademarked Modern Marketing Framework to empower small business owners, experienced B2B business, marketing and communications professionals on their journeys of growth for their brands, while delivering definite business outcomes.

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