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How We Blog to Generate Leads

How do we blog? Here's our blogging process that drives leads.

We provide SEO, blogging and Google ads services to our client, Rhys from Accomplished Tree Management and recently he sent us an email saying,

Thanks for the update and great work. I always wonder how you manage to write so well about a topic or trade you have essentially not operated within. Much appreciated!

Let's reveal how we blog to generate leads.

Testimonial from Rhys Mackney Accomplished Tree Management - blogging by Vermilion Pinstripes

This article explains how the art and science of blogging had helped clients like East Coast Laser & Cosmedic, My Blue Tea, My Body My Pilates, Hastings District Flying Club, Accomplished Tree Management and so on, create awareness, drive engagements and generate leads

The science of blogging to generate leads. It starts with research.


The basic research is on the industry/trade and subject, for example, you need to have a good grasp of their terminology.

We also look at what's trending during the month when we intend to launch the blog. In the case of Accomplished Tree Management, the month of July was about National Tree Day so naturally the story will slant towards that.

We also research the top concerns of the audience so that the blog will address those concerns.

We then look at the keywords and top keywords trending for the week and month and ensure the blog, alt-texts and social media use those keywords.

The art of blogging to generate leads. It starts with story telling.


Blogging is telling your story to a person, in this case, your ideal customer. The purpose is to connect, build trust and engage. There are several ways to tell your story.

The personal story

Using a landing page or eBook offer, you walk through a problem that you went through. Describe what psychological and emotional horrors you endured. Explain how you overcame your problem. Describe your offer and what you could do to help others solve similar problems. 

The historical story

I like the example of the Bundaberg Rum history which is unmistakably Australian. The other interesting historical story is how Jack Daniel came to make whiskey and during a racially divided era, there was an an African-American worker seated beside the proprietor of the business. Both stories make these brands significant to their country's growth. Ads work great to reveal these stories.

The hero's journey

Using blogs and videos to tell a broad category of tales that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory and comes home changed or transformed. We do these stories a lot with the Hastings District Flying Club where we feature past flying students fulfilling their dreams of being a pilot. Here's Jimi Jay Ludriks' story - From braces to stripes, what it takes to be a pilot.

Meet the "Guru" story

The guru story will position you as an expert that solves specific problems. It can be inspiring thought leadership material. We use this technique a lot to position Vermilion Pinstripes as the leader for Modern Marketing to build business confidence.

Don't forget to include engaging visuals to add context to your story.

The psychology of blogging to generate leads. Be memorable, relevant and effective.


Blogging is a way to tell people what your brand stands for and that guides your target audience to advocate your purpose. When talking to your ideal customer -

  • begin with the end in mind
  • be emotional
  • be rational
  • be emotional again
  • be relevant
  • be honest
  • be believable
  • be simple
The mathematics of blogging to generate leads. Be measurable.


We use HubSpot to create, manage and measure the success of our blogs. It's great, so we know what's working and what's not. We can tweak and improve those blogs and understand how we can share them more effectively, how we can get people engaged and capture their interests to follow up.

Remember to share your blog. Use snippets of your blog as social media posts and Google My Business and lead them to your blog.

Don't forget a call to action from your blog!

More about the work we do for Accomplished Tree Management and how their website is driving leads.

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