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How to work with PR for Lead Generation?

Working with a restaurant chain for B2C PR, there were always specific food reviewers that we target for our client. It’s been known that every time a positive food review is posted by these reviewers, the restaurants would be packed for at least 2 to 4 weeks straight. That’s the power of positive PR coverage.

And I’ve been asked before – can PR do lead generation in B2B environments? By taking that on, the Communications Department would also be taking on the burden of lead generation quota and working closely with the sales teams.

In today’s environment, businesses are trying to achieve more with fewer resources. Hence, I can understand why they ask that PRs take on the responsibility of lead generation.

My answer to my clients is that PR should not be responsible for lead generation. Instead, let’s use PR strategically for brand awareness, brand creation and advocacy to stand out in a crowded marketplace and gain customer confidence. What I would advocate is for PR to work closely with marketing to drive and execute a brand-led, personalisation strategy. In that way, the market will bond with the brand and the business benefits with better quality leads. That's Modern Marketing!

Getting sales, marketing and communications to work together can be a challenge sometimes

I’ve been working closely with our communications strategist, Joh Ju for many years now. Let's see what Joh Ju has to say about PR managers being responsible for lead generation.

We firmly believe that that a brand-led and personalisation strategy is the most effective engagement for long term business success. It's Modern Marketing. Who else is best at content in your organisation? Look towards the communications teams! Here's how we have been leveraging them.

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  • Campaign strategy planning and development
  • Content development and management
  • Inbound communications leveraging marketing technologies
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