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Avery Dennison Wrap Like a King Press Release by Vermilion Pinstripes

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As a leader in vehicle wrapping films, Avery Dennison has been helping vehicle wrap installers passionate about their craft to raise their game with the annual Avery Dennison “Wrap Like a King” challenge. This is a global competition across 53 countries. It was at this event that Australian wrap installer, Nick Caminiti and his team at Exotic Graphix competed and won the title two years in a row.

Two-time global Avery Dennison "Wrap Like a King" winner, Nick Caminiti of Exotic Graphix, has teamed up with Avery Dennison's wrap guru, Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute, to transform an old van for The Big Umbrella Foundation in Melbourne, Australia.

Last November in Carrum Downs, Victoria, two-time Avery Dennison King of the Wrap World, Nick Caminiti and his team of wrap installers at Exotic Graphix transformed an old van for a charity that had ferried more than 22,000 volunteers over 8 years to deliver hot meals to Melbourne’s homeless. The old van continued to be of use but was just in need of a new look. Nick and his team were able to take the vehicle and reinvigorate it with life in the name of a good cause.

In November 2018, Avery Dennison and Nick teamed up on a charity project -- they transformed an old van that had ferried more than 22,000 volunteers over 8 years to deliver hot meals to Melbourne’s homeless. Nick designed the wrap and spent almost a whole day at a live wrap event with the world’s leading wrap trainer, Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute in the United States.

Just like many business owners who are passionate and dedicated to their craft, Nick has taken his passion to new heights, even to the extent of giving a local charity a boost. For the charity, The Big Umbrella Foundation which addresses issues impacting marginalised people, the new vehicle wrap will make a difference to being noticed and getting more volunteers and supporters on board.

This project will provide The Big Umbrella Foundation with increased visibility moving forward and reinvigorate their brand. “This will make a difference to being noticed and getting more volunteers and supporters on board. We can't thank Avery Dennison enough for this opportunity and for introducing us to the amazing Justin Pate and talented guys at Exotic Graphix along with Graphic Art Mart’s support!” said Lucy Alasso, volunteer, The Big Umbrella Foundation.

After the event, Vermilion Pinstripes supported Avery Dennison by sharing this story of passion, commitment and kindness with media based in Australia. We are proud to help happy businesses share their stories!

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