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Mehreen Hasan

Mehreen Hasan

Mehreen Hasan is the manager of the Vermilion Pinstripes Mississauga office and the firm’s Marketing Technology Specialist. As a Marketing Technologist, Mehreen supports clients on web development, sales ad marketing automation including social media, eMail marketing, Google My Business and technology integrations. Her experience in content development and media relations has been instrumental to executing Modern Marketing campaigns.

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Bringing Global Marketing Expertise to North America

Vermilion Pinstripes to Make Businesses Happy and Thriving Again

Bringing Global Expertise and Unique Modern Marketing Framework™ to North America from new office in Mississauga


Toronto, CANADA, 23 November 2020 -- Vermilion Pinstripes, the international modern sales, marketing and communications agency, opens a new office in North America to help businesses thrive with confidence again in the new decade.

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