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10 Steps To An Effective Crisis Communication Plan

On Monday, 17 July 2023, two scandals rocked Singapore’s normally staid and boring political environment. One was the resignations of two Members of Parliament over their “inappropriate relationship” as deemed by their party, while the other was a low-resolution video of two senior members of an opposition party over an intimate dinner. 

In platforms such as social media and online forums and communities, people were playing online sleuths, digging up old interviews or personal details, and sharing their views and theories. The local media also went on an overdrive to get their scoops, such as staking at the MPs’ homes and interviewing the neighbours and a former driver of one of the MPs. Even a seemingly innocent response from one of the neighbours, “No, I seldom see (the MP) and his wife go out together”, made its way into a news article. 

Imagine if your business was hit by such a scandal.

Suddenly, your employees, business partners, customers, and anyone purportedly a stakeholder would be asked for their comments, views, or any details at all. 

The issue is this: What appears online, stays online. The digital footprint, whether positive or negative, lives on forever in the online world. These have the potential to impact your business reputation. As such, it is imperative to always be prepared for a crisis, effectively navigate the situation, and influence the narrative. 

This article explores the significance of crisis communication in today’s evolving and interconnected world, where the physical and digital realms converge. We will also examine the types of crises that can befall businesses, discuss the process of crisis communication planning, the benefits of a well-planned Crisis Comm Plan, and the consequences of not having one. 

More importantly, we will provide you with a free 10-step Business Communication Guide to help you create your own crisis communication plan.

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