What images sell?

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So Does Sex Sell or Not?

The perfect Visual Communications discussion for the Modern Business

Sex as a selling tool has come up into the spotlight again. Retailers who had long been using highly sexualised visuals for their campaigns have come under pressure, leading to some making the switch to less provocative visuals while others continue to use sex to sell products.

We face this discussion with our clients often too. Every time we work with businesses on brand assets such as ads or videos, the participants gets caught up in the selections of visuals - colours, styles, models, etc. So what should we be focusing on, really? 

Visuals are a powerful medium of communications. We have invited FangTing, Stuart Lyall and Veronica Lind to discuss the importance of visual communications.

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Facilitated by Koh JohJu.

Koh Joh Ju, Communications Strategist, Vermilion Pinstripes

JohJu is Vermilion Pinstripes' Communications Strategist who has spent over twenty five years in B2B and B2C communications, helping to activate small and large brands by using communications as a medium to build emotional connection, strengthen reputation and generate leads.

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Panel Speakers.


FangTing Z
Visual Communications Professional


 FangTing Z

A good design adds value to businesses says FangTing, Strategic Branding and Visual Communication Professional, who focuses on strategic branding and visual communication design, translating briefs and creative strategies into meaningful brands and compelling visuals that people connect with.

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Stuart Lyall
Corporate Photographer and Videographer


Stuart Lyall, corporate photographer and videographer at Vermilion Pinstripes

Stuart, Vermilion Pinstripes' Corporate Photographer and Videographer, says that when the image and video is right, the customer will feel the emotion the brand wishes to evoke just by looking at the image or video. The visual sells itself. This is only possible when the brand is able to position how its story should be told through every image, every video.

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Veronica Lind
Business and Marketing Strategist 


Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist,  Vermilion Pinstripes

Veronica is the creator of the Modern Marketing Framework that helps businesses sell without selling while delivering real business value and ROI. She infuses Mathematics, Science, Creativity and Psychology to shape and deepen customer engagements.

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