Marketing is no longer just paying an agency to develop a creative and crossing your fingers that results would follow. The marketing channels that businesses use today are different, but the same problem remains: disconnected tools and channels means it’s tough to measure results, and the experience for your leads often feels disconnected.  

I am offering you a marketing campaign checklist, compliments from Vermilion Pinstripes. This is a new framework for campaigns that solves all of these common marketing problems.

You will learn how to develop an modern marketing campaign that:

  1. Starts with the customer in mind
  2. Uses integrated tools to connect everything
  3. Works in any situation

With this handy checklist, you can keep track of all the available channels you should be using next time you launch a marketing campaign.

Download this campaign checklist today to start maximising the return on investment for your future marketing campaigns! 

Write to me if you have any questions.


Veronica Lind

Business and Marketing Strategist, Vermilion Pinstripes


Free Marketing Campaign Checklist from Vermilion Pinstripes


About Vermilion Pinstripes

Vermilion Pinstripes is a modern sales marketing and communications agency driven by a singular mission:

To help businesses thrive with confidence.

We harness the power of our collective expertise in business, communications, marketing and technology to help brands achieve their goals. This is through our Modern Marketing framework which guides teams to orchestrate the customer’s journey as one voice, one brand.

We are operating in The Experience Economy today. Modern Marketing empowers experienced B2B business, marketing and communications professionals on their journeys of growth for their brands.

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