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Next workshop is on 10th May 2019 - Port Macquarie

Our next workshop will focus on Social Media. It will be on 10th May 2019 from 11.30 am to 2 pm at Port Macquarie. Being sociable on social media to address the emotional part of each Human is no longer enough. Social media is a digital platform so when you understand what is going on behind the technology scenes, you can then engage effectively. Social media is ever changing. Learn to bump up your SEO (search engine optimisation) with your social media and use social media to sell. If you're asking questions like - how would you know if Facebook is better than LinkedIn? Do you know when you should post what and how often? What should I post to engage people? Are videos better than attractive images? Do we really need hashtags? What about alt-text? Why are my ads not accepted by Facebook? If I am spending so much time Facebooking and Instagramming, why am I not selling? - then sign up now!

Let's get all your questions answered during our Lunch and Learn Marketing Workshop for Small Business Owners on May 10th, Friday. Our workshops are designed to make marketing simple for small businesses. Workshops are kept small and they go fast. So reserve your place now at $97! Register now and learn better social media marketing.

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13th June 2019 - Melbourne

Our workshop in Melbourne will focus on Lead Generation. It will be on Thursday 13th June 2019 from 11.30 am to 2 pm in Melbourne. You will learn about your customers' journey, how they buy, what makes them buy. Let's discuss what you must do to generate leads and turn valuable leads into sales.

Let's get all your questions answered during our Lunch and Learn Marketing Workshop for Small Business Owners on June 10th, Thursday. Our workshops are designed to make marketing simple for small businesses. Workshops are kept small and they go fast. So reserve your place now at $97! Registration will open soon so you can start selling without selling.

Making Marketing SIMPLE for Small Businesses.

It's overwhelming, we know. Small business owners are increasingly finding themselves drowning under the massive weight of new digital marketing trends.You have probably already been overloaded with too much information and advice about what to do. There is just too much out there. You might be feeling inadequate and constantly asking yourself - Is my website working efficiently to generate leads? Why are my ads not attracting customers? Do I need a blog or get into LinkedIn? What am I not doing right?

You see what's happening? We call this scattered marketing. You try a bit of everything and you drop the ball on some tactics before it could work properly. Breathe. 

Let Vermilion Pinstripes make marketing simple for you 

You should be doing what you love doing in the first place, because you're good at it. That's why you started your business right? Marketing is supposed to be fun and if you learn to put some simple sales and marketing strategies in place, you will save time and money - and sell more without really selling.

Let's Lunch & Learn

Over the years, we have done many marketing and communications workshops. Recently, we held a workshop on Modern Marketing for the Modern Business on 16 August 2018 in Singapore and a small business interactive workshop on 8th February 2019. We came together to learn and share about how technology, mathematics, science, creativity, and psychology come together to shape brand perceptions, personalise engagements and sell more. It was a richly engaging session where professionals of various industries generously shared their experiences. 

We have done so many workshops around the world and now we would like to share our Modern Marketing techniques with small business owners, helping them build brand experiences people love. You can use modern marketing techniques effectively to sell more without selling. Small businesses can be well-versed in the art and science of attraction. The logic is simple. Before you can sell, people must know you exist, what you do and what you are good for. Then you must know what you should say to persuade them to buy from you.

Our Lunch and Learn workshops are designed to help small business owners kickstart growth efficiently and quickly. More importantly, we help owners grow in confidence and motivation to be able to continue to do more of the necessary sales and marketing tactics over time, on their own.

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I really enjoyed your presentation and got some great new ideas as to how I can promote my business. Thank you. - Alison, Tumerix

This was a great session that has inspired lots of new ideas. Thank you. - Linda, Smooth Sailing Counselling

Who should attend our Small Business Marketing Lunch & Learn?

If you are a small business with a good quality service or a product that is in demand, you will want to scale up your business. It does not matter if you are the new kid on the block or the old hand who has been in business for decades. Modern Marketing continues to develop and change. All businesses have to keep up - somehow! What allows a small business to take on Modern Marketing and thrive is the desire to be open to doing things differently (in small measures) to achieve improved results.

We have met highly motivated, ambitious and growth-oriented entrepreneurs during our Lunch & Learn sessions and we have seen how small business owners end the sessions eager to try out techniques and open to getting on board with Modern Marketing. If you are a small business keen to understand how to sell your services or products online, you need to understand your customer's journey. We help to clarify what businesses can do to generate leads and turn valuable leads into sale. We also discuss short term strategies to close sales and we always look ahead to long term strategies to attract and nurture leads.

If you have an appetite to discover for yourself the exciting new world of Modern Marketing, come share our session on 10th May 2019 in Port Macquarie. Don't miss this as the rest have been sold out. We love creating happy businesses. Let us help you make your business a happy one too.

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