Robin Wilson


Robin Wilson

Robin is Vermilion Pinstripes’ Editor-at-Large, bringing many years of international experience in journalism, public relations and media communications to help our businesses tell their stories in engaging and compelling styles.

With a grounding in traditional print media and public relations, he’s been closely involved over the years in the evolution of the communications industry, from the days of cumbersome newspaper layouts and printing to today’s ultra-fast world where news flashes around cyberspace in nanoseconds.

This background in traditional media gives him an edge in identifying story angles and crafting narratives that lend engagement and credibility to our clients’ messages.

“In today’s world it’s vital to stand out from the news clutter with messages that are both appealing and convincing. Our era of swift digital communications still has to be underpinned by the time-honoured principles of sound news gathering and interpretation, to ensure client messaging is accurate, plausible and credible.”

And amid a crowded media environment where aspiring writers and influencers can give knee-jerk opinions without apparent consideration of possible consequences, Robin brings level-headed counsel, again based on the principles of traditional media.

His experience with public relations clients across a range of industries has also given him insights into identifying appropriate audiences for targeted media messaging, together with an appreciation of how to meet those audiences’ needs.

Away from the screen and keyboard Robin can be found gallantly trying to keep advancing years at bay by triathlon training in the demanding sport’s disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.

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