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Modern Marketing 2020 Webinar
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Friday, 27 March 2020 | 11am to 12pm |  Zoom Webinar

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Get ready for an intensive, practical Modern Marketing webinar for the Modern B2B Business and Thrive


Learn to Sell More without Selling


The Modern Business stays relevant at all times. A Modern Business of tomorrow is able to sell more without selling, and as if that’s not enough, they can sell better and faster than their competitors. Your answers will be revealed at the practical 1-hour Modern Marketing 2020 webinar. At our session, we focus on arming attendees with 3 important strategies.

  1. Build trust online and offline, so you can sell without selling: How to tell your brand story so that you can build trust and sell more. Learn the art and science of story telling as a way to drive stronger, deeper connections by following the #CAT and serve the right CONTENT to the right AUDIENCE at the right TIME.
  2. Generate leads and close deals: Sales and Marketing automation tools to orchestrate the buyer's journey and close deals.
  3. Outperform: Practical metrics to measure your marketing campaigns performance, so you always know what's working and where to focus your efforts and budgets.

Meet with and learn from other like-minded Business Professionals in Melbourne! And share the latest Modern Marketing practices to help you attract, engage, close, delight your customers, and thrive ...

Includes take-home Workshop materials and a post webinar 1:1 session to discuss your specific challenges for tailored actions you can take.

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Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist,  Vermilion Pinstripes

Veronica Lind 
Business and Marketing Strategist 


Veronica is the creator of the Modern Marketing Framework that helps businesses sell without selling while delivering real business value and ROI. She infuses Mathematics, Science, Creativity and Psychology to shape and deepen customer engagements.

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Charlene Tan 
Modern Marketer


Charlene is a firm believer in process. In particular, that modern marketing starts from understanding your audiences, through to amplifying your business development efforts by leveraging technology. Practices she applies to her family business in Australian immigration. 

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Mindy Chat Bot

Guest Speaker
Communications & Automation


Watch this space for a Guest Speaker sharing insights and tips on crafting practical communications plans.


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