Community engagement is in the Vermilion Pinstripes DNA. We believe that in good times or not-so-good times, our community needs to come together to connect, inspire and empower each other for the road ahead, something we have been striving to provide since we launched our Knowledge Sharing series in early 2020.

In response to this new, strange “Never Normal” world, our latest offering is a series of knowledge sharing sessions that we have titled, simply, “Let’s Talk”. The purpose of the sessions is to examine the various ways in which businesses can grow in the Never Normal world. The inaugural session, “Let’s Talk about ideas for businesses in the Never Normal world”, was held in September 2021 and saw participants from Asia Pacific and Europe discuss a variety of industries and bring multiple ideas to the table on how they changed their approach towards business.

The objective of the session was to shed further light on the specific ways in which these developments have impacted businesses around the world and how each managed to adjust and adapt their business strategies to counter them. We touched upon ideas such as diversification, collaborations, engagement, digitalisation, creating experiences and choosing conveniences.

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