It’s easy to slip into feelings of futility and despair in the face of this unprecedented global pandemic that’s caused business downturns the
world over.

But at Vermilion Pinstripes we are always looking for the upsides to turn any negative situation into a positive – in our mission to make businesses happy.

In doing so we embrace the meaning of the Chinese word for Crisis – 危机 (wēijī) - where Wei means danger and Ji means opportunity.

So we present to you, Reasons to be cheerful: crisis-proof strategies that we practise to stay open, ready and available, now and any time. The COVID-19 pandemic is as good a time as any to start applying these practices if you haven’t already, and it will serve you in normal situations and many others.  
Download Vermilion Pinstripes Blueprint for Businesses to stay open, ready and available during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We hope you find this resource useful in demonstrating leadership and providing guidance to your customers. Please feel free to reach out to me at to let our team know if it has helped or just to chat about what other resources you would welcome.

If this free resource has helped you, please pay it forward with another good deed for the community. Let’s make the world a better place together! 

Download Reasons to be cheerful: A Blueprint for Businesses to stay open, ready and available during the COVID-19 Pandemic by filling in the form.

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